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Why wait for glossy magazines each month when you can enjoy better service each day. The GOSTUDIO! HAIR GALLERY App is now here. It brings to you the trendiest and the most stylish hairstyles, and haircuts. The App is your magazine on the go. We update pictures of new haircuts and celebrity hairstyles everyday so that you don’t have to wait for your issue of the magazine to know about the latest trend. Also, you just have to download the App which is more affordable than buying a fashion magazine every month. So, wait no further. Download the App on your iOS or Android device and experience the difference yourself with cutting-edge trends and hairstyles for men and women.

Contemporary Counseling

With the GOSTUDIO! HAIR GALLERY App you can counsel your customers regarding the best suitable hairstyle with a difference. You can save them from the horror of going through magazines and different websites looking for the best hairstyle that will suit their face. There is just one answer to so many different problems – the GOSTUDIO! HAIR GALLERY App! We provide you the option of choosing from a wide range of trendy and fashionable hairstyles. The simple interface of the App makes it easy for your customers to opt for appealing hairstyles easily. They can also add hairstyles to their favorite list.


Awesomeness – a tap away!

Yes! It is as easy as a tap. The App is so designed that you can choose your hair type – long, medium or short and choose hairstyles from them accordingly. The App is user-friendly and promises an easy operation. Some hairstyles are also represented with easy instructions for better understanding. The pictures are displayed in high resolution so that your customers can clearly look into all the details. So, all you have to do is tap and choose from the option of ‘Men’ or ‘Women’ and you are into a whole new world of gorgeous hairstyles.

Global Recognition for your Salon

Along with a chance to woo your customers, the GOSTUDIO! HAIR GALLERY App also gives you the opportunity to gain international acclaim. All you have to do is upload images of your innovative and trendy hairstyles. The images that you upload will be visible to the public if you so wish and hairstylists across the globe will be able to appreciate your work. You might as well become an international star with your creations!

Experiencing new hairstyle advice!

Excellent, professional and type righteous hairstyle consulting with diverse new hairstyles and hair colors can be selected by simply tapping.Only one click, and the individual, my list is available for new customers.

Customer Self-Service!

The easy handling of Beratungsapp customers can themselves choose anywhere in the salon as he pleases. The selected hair styles can be compared in a customer-friendly, definable favorites.This will delight all round.

Show the world your hair Kreazionen!

Hairstylists can upload your own creations. Worldwide recognition,Inspiration and glamor in one. Make yourself as hairstylists internationally a name. The best will be shown in the Global Award Channel! Because you are worth it.

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